“One half of the life of a man spends losing health, and the other half trying to get it back.”

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

When you were diagnosed, or you are hospitalized, you are faced with numerous perplexities or multiple choice.

Some of the decisions that you shall make will be easy, but on the other hand some will be very difficult, for example, whether and when it is necessary to undergo surgical treatment.The chapter on treatment is designed for you, to guide you through the basic modalities for the treatment of benign diseases of the foregut and to assist you in making long-term decisions.

With trust in your doctor, treatment will be easier and more efficient.Your knowledge of treatment options could help you to give your doctor correct and accurate answers, as well as to enable yourself to ask appropriate questions. Clearing up doubts about your disease, as well as understanding the most appropriate and  effective forms of Your treatment, You shall significantly help yourself as well as your doctor in a successful long-term resolution of your problems.